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The curious case of banner468

On one of my websites, I used a CSS class called "banner468". As the name suggests the original purpose of the class was to hold some ads. I used it for a different purpose. From one day to the next, the functionality contained within the banner468, disappeared. It got hidden. Originally, I thought, this had

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Using Bootstrap tooltip on disabled buttons

I've been trying to get a tooltip on a disabled button in bootstrap. Well that didn't work. So here is the trick: overlay the disabled buttons with a div:

Here is the JSFiddle

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What's the difference between col-md-x, col-xs-x, col-sm-x, col-lg-x?

Getting your head around the grid structure for Bootstrap can be challenging at times. But not to worry! We shall prevail! The grid in Bootstrap is divided into 12 chunks. In short, I'd like to think about this as a how big the column is depending on the screen size: col-xs-x - phone col-sm-x -

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Bootstrap Tabs with Google Charts - how to make it work?

Today, I've encountered an interesting problem. It seems that when an object is hidden, it breaks the properties of width and height for Google Charts. Using Bootstrap 3.3, I had a set of tabs. Each tab contained a graph of some sort. In the initial tab, the chart was being displayed correctly. However, the charts

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9 steps to make your website more accessible

It would seem that internet as a medium based on 95% of the visual transmission is almost completely useless for people who cannot or have problems receiving information using this sense. This, however, is not true. There are various ways in which vision-impaired users can access the internet. Tab Key A blind person (or visually-impaired)

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