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Set background color for all buttons in WPF

Hehe, simple enough thing, but took long enough. You need to use resources to do it.

In there you can define styles:

It is simple enough to read: apply it to buttons. Property: Background set the value to whatever color you like.

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Lists of Lists in C# - if one is updated, all are updated.

I was doing an assessment for university regarding password cracking. They say that experience is something that cannot be learnt. Never that notion has been more true than today when I was attempting to create a list of lists: List<List<string>>. I had "virtually" unbounded memory, but I had to make sure that I could maximise

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Serializing Anonymous DataMemeber

I've been working win MVC Web API and encountered an annoying problem. It does not, by default serialise anonymous data members.

When you try to serialise this kind of data you get this beautiful exception:

Converting anonymous type to a string also caused exception. But there is also JavaScriptSerializer:

Now using getter,

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Useful Linear Trendline Class in C#

I've searched and searched trying to find a simple class to calculate a slope and intercept from a set of points. Here is the outcome, but I probably modify it to use LINQ rather then loops

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Footer from database in MVC ASP.NET

I've been struggling for a while to find a sensible way of getting the footer. Well... This is where partial views come useful. There are several ways to solve this problem. I've created a controller:

In the Shared folder I've added _FooterPartial.cshtml and in the layout this line:

It worked so awesome.

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Partial View not being published

I encountered a bit of a problem today. I've added a partial view manually to the project (i.e. it wasn't generated by the VS). To my annoyance, when I deployed the application to the test server the *.cshtml was not copied. After a bit of digging around, I found the problem. It turned out that

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Razor with JavaScript

Today I had a problem of adding markers onto a google map. I didn't really want to create a service to handle the request and return an array. So instead I tried doing something simpler.

This obviously didn't work. Razor was getting confused; it didn't know which one was the script and which one

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MVC File Upload - Access to the path is denied

An interesting problem occurred yesterday when I was trying to upload a file to the server. I was getting: Access to the path '' is denied The problem wasn't actually caused by the file upload but by my attempt to create a directory to put that file there. After reading a bunch of answers on

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ASP.NET Automatic Migrations

Understanding migrations can be a bit tricky. Hopefully, this article will resolve at least some of the questions you might have. First things first - What are migrations? Well... If you built your website using first code approach every time you change your model you need in order to keep the database in sync. There

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Mapping to a new new Type with ASP.NET Web API and LINQ

As you would expect Microsoft is trying to make your code as clean and need as possible. This is an example of a search query. The key element of this query is select new {Title = m.Name}. It allows you to map a your model to a new type without having to declear a custom

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